Coming Soon: The Cigar Mistress…

SundayStogie is proud to welcome its first guest blogger, The Cigar Mistress (twitter: @cigarmistress)!  Let me tell you folks, this woman LOVES cigars.  Any shape any size as long as she can wrap her lips around it she is always ready to fire one up.  What we love about her other than the fact that she is “Smokin” hot, is that the Cigar Mistress is all about the pleasure, experience performance.

Make no mistake about it, she understands the intricacies that make premium cigars what they are but her focus is right in line with what we look for here on SundayStogie; the moment.  The Cigar Mistress had a couple requests from us here at SundayStogie, the first is that we provide the cigars to fill her never ending cravings (OUR PLEASURE), secondly she will ALWAYS remain anonymous.  We have no problem with this in fact we kind of enjoy being able to keep a secret.  However, this will come at a cost to her…

We have decided to make this interesting for all those involved; we are not going to tell her what she is smoking.  She will be provided an un-banded cigar of our choice, followed by a review from here on the experience.  We will post her review on SundayStogie and soon there after we will let everyone know what she smoked. We don’t want her to get distracted by any preconceived notions; instead we want to take away some of the control she has grown so accustom to.  Consider it a “blind date” if you will.  Sticking with the SundayStogie philosophy, the Cigar Mistress will not use traditional rating methods by awarding a numerical score, rather she will use her own method.

The Cigar Mistress – Rating Scale

Got up and left – So bad she walked out.

One Night Stand – While exciting, not worth revisiting.

Regular rotation – Really satisfying but I need variety.

Can’t get enough – I wish it would never end!

Stay tuned you never know when she will be in the mood.

One puff at a time.



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